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Nightmare in Block 69 is an advertising campaign created for my Final Year Project in 2021. Working with my partner, Jia Jia, we created a fictional place and made use of fears, exaggeration and humour to raise attention to the severity of pet abandonment in Singapore and the little awareness it carries.

Working with Municipal Services Office, we further developed the organisation’s mobile app One Service to encourage the public to adopt pet sterilisation to avoid unwanted pet pregnancies. Jointly, the organisation and its mobile app would gain traction through the campaign.

Unconventional Installation Advertisement (Mock Up ︎︎︎)

We brought Block 69 to real life by creating a one-of-a-kind installation to emphasise the severity of uncontrolled pet breeding. We will install Block 69 in Print advertisements stands around Housing Estates in Singapore as it acts as an addition to existing houses in the area.


Welcome to my nightmare, I would not wish it upon you…

But I cannot control it too. Just like how you’re reading this text last, the problem with pet abandonment is that it has not been in its biggest form to capture your attention.

We cannot forid mating calls, but we can prevent them from producing a nightmare amount of unwanted pet springs. If one pet is already enough for you, choose sterilisation.

︎︎︎ We made use of a print technique: Pop up with indentation effect to highlight the obligation to be  responsible for every newborn pet.

Service Design - App Implementation ︎︎︎

We made use of the One Service Mobile Application made by MSO to create a new Pet Resources tab. This update will aid pet parents with various pet care needs such as Pet License Status, How to Train your Pet, Pet Insurance and Pet Sterilisation.  

We also initiated a collaboration with pet fostering company, PawShake to allow pet owners to hire pet sitters for when they are unavailable to visit the clinics themselves when booking a pet sterilisation appointment.

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